体球比分网 www.pfowb.com.cn Hangzhou Kangji Medical Instrument Co., Ltd

Kangji was established to improve the quality of surgical procedures through advancements in surgical instrument technology. Kangji provide a comprehensive portfolio of reusable and disposable instruments for Laparoscopy, thoracoscopy, gynecology, urology, gastroenterology and ENT specialties.

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 ? Kangji is a leading medical device company in China, mainly engaged in research, development, manufacturing and commercialization of laparoscopic surgical instruments 

? Has developed the following key products to meet the fast growing demand in China and worldwide.

 - Disposable trocar

 - Disposable ligation clip

 - Disposable electrocoagulation series and other disposable products

 - A variety of reusable surgical tools

? Key products have strong market positions in China, competing directly with top MNC brands, and also enjoy excellent reputation among leading KOLs and hospitals in China

? Sells products to top-tier hospitals (mainly Class III and Class II hospitals) in China and exports to over 20 countries worldwide

? Has an extensive distribution network covering all economically well-developed regions

? Maintains strong relationships with leading KOLs in gynecological surgeries, abdominal surgeries and urology surgeries through academic conferences, research center and product co-development.

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